Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo says ‘She wants to be President’

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo says ‘She wants to be President’

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo says ‘She wants to be President’

Is South Africa ready for a female president?

Tanzania just got a Female president after the death of the previous president,if this is anything to go by-we should be having a female president sooner than later.

Miss South Africa Abigail Shudufhadzo Musida is an advocate for mental health awareness and empowering children and women. Talking about beauty with brains, she holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Pretoria. Shudu’s confidence is a cherry on top which really impresses many.

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo says ‘She wants to be President’

2020 Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo has set Twitter on fire with her post mentioning she wants to be president. Many people are impressed with her ambitions and are actually encouraging her to run for the 2024 upcoming Presidential Elections.

Still not sure if she wants to be president of South Africa or something else people still encourage her saying,

“You would make a perfect president. Keep on Pushing Nkosazane, one day you will be a president.”

“Go get it girl!!!! It would be the first time we have a female president.. this country would be far much better with a female president.”

“Go for it Shudu. My excitement levels increase for my children’s future knowing that people like you are considering running.”

Every coin has two sides and people also hate on the fact that Shudufhadzo is aiming for the stars. Some men are making Nasty comments and degrading her. These people are saying things like,

“President of Bikini bottom hahahahaha. Just focus on walking around naked and Stay in your lane.”

“Relax, just because you are Miss SA. Ska phapha. Wait for Zozi then your turn will come.”

“You have to be a magnet to be president and at the moment you are not. I think you are swallowing more than you can chew.”

Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo sets Twitter ablaze after posting ‘She wants to be President’

Generally South Africans are positive about the idea and it seems more would support her. However, real politics is different from online followers and requires a lot for one to capture the hearts of many.


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